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Love Poem / The Patient (New Limestone Review)
Thanksgiving (Tammy #6 and featured in the Irish Examiner)
Poem "Solar" originally published in Superstition Review to be reprinted in Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California (forthcoming October 2018)
Poem "The Angel Oak" forthcoming in Blue Earth Review
Poems "The Patient" and "Love Poem" forthcoming in New Limestone Review
Poems "Vow," "Three Variations" and "November" forthcoming in the October issue of The Write Launch
Poem "Woke" forthcoming in riverSedge
Explication of three Ariel poems in Like a Fat Gold Watch: A Sylvia Plath Anthology
Poems "Fruit Picking" and "School Field Trip" are featured in the anthology In Plein Air: Poems and Drawings of the Natural World
Poem "Silence" is in the January 2018 issue of THRUSH
Tasha's poem "Your Heart is a Map" featured on the Shadeland House Modern Press site
Daughters in Wonderland, featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Appalachian Heritage, will be anthologized in The Southern Ecology Anthology (Yellow Flag Press, 2019)
Words at the End of the World and Secret History (The Heartland Review, Spring 2016)
Standing in the Orchard, a Future is Created (Still, Summer 2016)
Spectacular Girl, What the Past is About, and A Map of Belonging (The Potomac Review, Issue #59)
Dormant (Interim Magazine)
Summer (The Tishman Review)
The Passing of Everyone Else (storySouth)
Girl in the Cave and Life in Outer Space (Rappahannock Review, December 2015)
A Guide to Getting Away (originally published in BOAAT, now featured in the Irish Examiner "Tuesday Poem" Series)
Solar (Superstition Review 16, December 2015)
Tiny Enterprise (Word Riot, January 2016)
Girl As Infidel, in Tahoma Literary Review (2015)
Savannah, in Negative Capability Press Anthology of Georgia Poetry (2015)
Essay + selection of poems in Poets on Growth Anthology (Math Paper Press, 2015)
Arrowhead, in Barn Owl Review (2015)
A Guide to Getting Away, BOAAT Vol. II
Nothing Will Stay and Radio, The Collapsar
The Pond, NANO fiction
The Beginning, Control Lit Mag (fall 2014)
Heaven, The Great Gatsby Anthology (Silver Birch Press)
Painless Thing, the Silver Birch Press Self-Portrait anthology, August 2014
January, Sadness, and France and This Disaster Loves You (Issue 2 of Mojave River Review)
Moonflower (Journal of Compressed Creative Arts)
Hydrangea, Dialogist (poem + audio)
The Beginning, Control Lit Mag (fall 2014)
Heaven, The Great Gatsby Anthology (Silver Birch Press)
Lies We Tell In Winter (featured on Verse Daily)
Blood Orange (Eat This Poem)
The Chemistry Machine (Parcel)
A Leaving (5 Quarterly online September 27th)
A Brief Index of Arcade Games and Fire (Time Crisis II) (Sundog Lit, The Games Issue, July 2013)
Entomology Room (VQR's InstaPoetry series)
Career, Possibilities (Momoware, Fall 2012)
Sans Toi (Cell Poems, February 2013)
Blanket of Blue (Country Dog Review, Fall/Winter 2012)
Drinking the Galaxy at the Venus Castle Ice Cream Shop (Blood Lotus, August 2012)
"What Persists" and "Artist's Palette" (Curbside Splendor, Issue 4)
Flying Toward Mann's Tadzio at Christmas (Airplane Reading)
A Lack of Power at the South Central Women's Clinic, She Shouts at the Absence, and Description of a Figment and a Letter to Imagination (Fertile Source )
Self-Portrait With Rampart (Three Coyotes)
Blue as in the Whale and Triolet on a Line from an e-Harmony Confession (The Single Hound, Issue 3)
Front Porch Light (Ontologica, Summer 2011)
Lies We Tell In Winter (The Adroit Journal, Issue 4)
Sonic Memory (The Adroit Journal, Issue 4)
Spontaneous Transformation, The Infidel, and Summer (The Quotable)
Elegy for Ben (Welter)
Goldfinches (Booth, June 24)
Oh Voleur (Denver Syntax)
The Dream (poem + interview)
What Is Saved (Denver Syntax)
Funny, Father Was Graceful (Confrontation Magazine #108)
Red Bird (Sleet, Fall 2010)
Enormous Mistakes (Poets for Living Waters, Summer 2010)
Abandon (A Prairie Journal, Spring 2010)
On a Darkened Sky (Fogged Clarity, October 2009)
What We Do With Our Dead (Danse Macabre, Vol. 24)