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On Mothers and Daughters (Tahoma Literary Review online)
And How To Be Alone (Under the Gum Tree, July 2015)
My Journey In Genres (Passages North, July 2013)
Another Kind of Life (Passages North, April 2013)
Summer of the Novella (Poets Quarterly)
An Interview With Alison Atlee (The Quotable)
An Interview With Cynthia Ellingsen (The Quotable)
Statement on compression in poetry and prose (The Journal of Compressed Creative Art)
The Superstitious Writer (Contrary Magazine)
Tender Speech (The Rumpus) ... and linked to via The Daily Dish
Interview with author Rebecca Skloot in The Rumpus
The Natural (Organic Lifestyle Magazine, June 2010)
Green Steps (Green Lifestyle Magazine)
The Sporting Side of Style (Borderline Magazine)