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"When will the past be done with us?" asks Tasha Cotter's poem "Stranger," one of many instances in Some Churches where the reader is confronted with truths few poems dare to approach. Like Szymborska, Cotter manages to crystallize moments of transcendent simplicity, and to make memory palpable. Illuminated with images both familiar and surreal, the poems of Some Churches give us a new reverence for the everyday.
— Mary Biddinger, author of O Holy Insurgency and Saint Monica

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Tasha Cotteron

Painless Thing, forthcoming in the Silver Birch Press Self-Portrait anthology, August 2014
Three (untitled) poems forthcoming in the Hyacinth Girl Press anthology, Poetry from Beyond the Thunderdome, Winter 2014
A Guide to Getting Away, forthcoming in BOAAT Vol. II
Nothing Will Stay and Radio, forthcoming in The Collapsar
The Pond, forthcoming in NANO fiction
The Beginning, forthcoming in Control Lit Mag (fall 2014)
Heaven, forthcoming in The Great Gatsby Anthology (Silver Birch Press)

Tasha talks poetry with Keep Louisville Literary